What is PixelDebates?

Hello gamers, Welcome to the fun, competitive phenomenon known as PixelDebates! Some of us may already know about NFTs, cryptocurrency, P2E (play-to-earn), and blockchain technology. Some of us may not know much about that stuff, but we DO have some experience with trading card and strategy games. Some of us may have little to no experience with any of it... but fear not, this guide will bring all of you up to speed!

PixelDebates is a strategy game similar to other trading card games (TCGs) like Magic the Gathering. The rules aren’t terribly complex, so you should be able to figure it out after a few practice games. The PixelDebates concept was created by studying real debate tactics from modern and historical debates, then converting them into card game mechanics. We use the US presidents (POTUSes) from PixelPotus.com and give them special abilities and alignments. Although most of the cards are thematic with debates, POTUSes, and historical context, don't take it TOO seriously. Some alignments and abilities don't actually correspond to real people or debate forums, but they're fun to play in the game!

Got a few minutes? Check out a video overview of PixelDebates:

Getting Started


Guides: Jump Right In

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Steps to Collect TacticsCreating Your First Deck

Fundamentals: Dive a Little Deeper

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