Steps to Collect Tactics


You need a tezos wallet: On a desktop we suggest the Temple web wallet -> Temple Wallet

On a mobile device we suggest the Kukai web wallet -> Kukai Once your wallet is created please make sure to follow the wallet's instructions for backing up your seed phrase. If you lose your seed phrase, you can lose access to your assets forever, and no one can help you.


You will need a little bit of XTZ (tezos) in your wallet to pay for gas fees on the network, plus enough XTZ to swap for a few thousand $PXL. Head over to your favorite exchange (Coinbase, Gemini, Binance) and grab some XTZ, then send it to your new wallet address.


Swap XTZ for chunk of $PXL using QuipuSwap. Once you see the new balance show up in your wallet you are ready to start collecting some TACTICs!


-Create a Pixel profile at and connect your wallet. -Transfer a few hundred $PXL from your wallet into your profile. -While you're there, make an alias. -Then head over to to connect your wallet, and start claiming tactic NFT fragments. You can combine fragments to craft and upgrade tactics, and/or trade in the marketplace towards your ideal decks. If you want to know which cards to trade for, we have several sample decks listed here.


Check out what is happening in the PixelDebates Community: Twitter:@PixelPotus Discord:Invitation Telegram:Invitation

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