Sample Deck

Below is a sample deck we found to be an effective defensive, attrition-style deck. The cards and the justification for using them in the deck will be provided. Feel free to copy our list if you find it helpful.

POTUS: Truman

Play Style: Attrition

Deck Concept: Outlast your opponent with defensive plays and timely bombs.

Creator’s Note: I stacked this deck with all of the available two-cost argument cards and the two strongest arguments from both GF and BF. Truman needs more arguments than most POTUSes in order to maximize the amount of times you can use his special ability per match.

This deck will seek to play the minimum cards necessary to hold off an opponent’s strongest attacks while keeping your own costs low. It can also punish your opponent for overcommitting. Plus, there are several synergistic combos that can also really be effective. Please note, this deck is weak to all-in decks due to the higher amount of RD. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed to the point where you have to waste bombs on blocking, swap out two RD for arguments.


  1. Champion Moral Values

  2. Shouting Match

  3. Sketchy Sources

  4. Oversimplification

  5. Slippery Slope

  6. Find Common Ground

  7. Deductive Reasoning

  8. An Honest Assessment

  9. Press Your Buttons

  10. Ad Hominem Attack

  11. Reiterate

  12. Epiphany

  13. Pause for Reflection

  14. Character Assassination

  15. Personal Anecdote

Additional Deck Concepts

The Firestarter

Playstyle: Inflammatory bad-faith arguments, seeking to draw their opponent out of comfortable corners, exploiting weaknesses, and crushing the opposition

Strengths: Can overwhelm opponents with multiple arguments (3-5 threads) and punish them with card cost effects.

Weaknesses: Fewer RD to strengthen single threads, dependent/vulnerable to card cost effects.

Ideal POTUSes: H.W. Bush, Washington, Truman, Obama, Wilson

Arguments: Shouting Match, False Dichotomy, Ad Hominem Attack, Press Your Buttons, Incite the Mob, Overgeneralization, Sketchy Sources, Oversimplification, Slippery Slope, Red Herring, Emotional Appeal, Conflate Terms Rhetorical Devices (RD): Character Assassination, Ruffle Some Feathers, Copycat

State Champ

Playstyle: The master of rhetorical devices! Uses well-structured rhetorical devices (RD) to strengthen their arguments and wear their opponent down through strategy and wit.

Strengths: Attempts to use 1-2 argument threads on his turn and maximize damage on each, lessens the impact of card cost effects. More RD equals more utility! Strategic Communication and Bully are a must-have addition to this deck to allow for fewer arguments and more RD.

Weaknesses: Fewer arguments mean less ability to respond to multiple argument threads on your opponent’s turn and leaving yourself vulnerable to being overrun. Fewer arguments also run the risk of drawing no arguments on your turn and forcing you to take a mulligan.

Ideal POTUSes: Jackson, Obama, Washington, H.W. Bush, Truman

Arguments: Strategic Communication, Bully, Press Your Buttons, Plausible Deniability, Deductive Reasoning, An Honest Assessment, Slippery Slope, Sketchy Sources Rhetorical Devices (RD): Personal Anecdote, Character Assassination, Dismantle Argument, Rebut the Peanut Gallery, Identify Non-Argument, Copycat, Ruffle Some Feathers Variation: “One-Man-Army” Load up with more BF arguments, keep the number of RD but feel free to mix and match. Obama and H.W. Bush will perform much better with this deck due to their BF alignment.

Devil’s Advocate

Playstyle: Strongest arguments from both good-faith and bad-faith alignments, avoid crowd mechanics, seeks to play the right card at the right time

Strengths: Adaptable regardless of crowd-state. Works best for POTUS with both GF and BF alignment bonuses or neither. Can launch or defend “all-in” attacks.

Weaknesses: Lacks the punch of more focused strategies. Card costs are very high.

Ideal POTUSes: Truman, Wilson, Washington, Jackson, Roosevelt

Arguments: Champion Moral Values, Evidence-Based Platform, Reductio Ad Absurdum, Shouting Match, Ad Hominem Attack, False Dichotomy, Press Your Buttons, Plausible Deniability, Apply Some Critical Thinking, Abductive Argument, Criticize and Demean, Bait and Switch Rhetorical Devices (RD): Character Assassination, Personal Anecdote, Rebut the Peanut Gallery Variation: Replace the most expensive cards, using instead a mix of some of the lowest-cost cards. Keep plausible and buttons and stack your deck with mostly arguments (no more than 4 RD). Wilson and Truman will work well here.

Boy Scout

Playstyle: An army of low-cost GF arguments to outlast your opponent with attrition (defensive) tactics. Keeps costs low and fearlessly go all-in.

Strengths: Can play 4-6 argument threads each round and will usually get damage through each round. Low card costs mean you won’t be dealing as much damage to yourself in the process.

Weaknesses: Heavily reliant on going first and setting the tone of the debate. Generally weak without a large positive crowd-state. Vulnerable to single-thread assaults.

Ideal POTUSes: Roosevelt, Wilson, Washington, Truman, H.W. Bush

Arguments: Our Better Angels, Plausible Deniability, Open-Minded Approach, Commit to a Real Position, Level-Headed Argument, Bridge the Gap, Take a Principled Stance, Find Common Ground, An Honest Assessment, Deductive Reasoning, Correlation Isn’t Causation Rhetorical Devices (RD): Crack a Joke, Personal Anecdote, Epiphany, Pause for Reflection

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