Card Draw

In general, card draw (and redraw) should be considered an important element to the game. Each player will draw up to five cards at the start of each round.


You may want to play as many tactics out of your hand as possible so that you will be able to draw 5 fresh cards. Although you may have to waste a tactic, this will get you closer to drawing your most powerful combos. There are times when you must hold a tactic in your hand for several rounds to complete a combo, but you should weigh the importance of that combo in comparison to drawing new tactics.

Draw vs Discard

Card draw mechanics can help overwhelm opponents, cycle through your deck quicker, and shift the crowd.

On the other hand, cards like Ruffle Your Feathers force your opponent to discard, limiting your opponent's options. This can be devastating, especially combined with Reiterate.


If you run out of cards in your deck to draw, the discard pile will be reshuffled into a new deck to draw from.

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