Creating Your First Deck

You need 15 tactics to make a deck. Each deck contains specific tactics. It may be wise to log into the game and use the deckbuilder/practice tool in order to understand how each tactic and POTUS works. In order to access and use the practice tool, it will require you to create a profile at You will have to connect a wallet and should make an alias while you're there, but don't worry, you won't be charged.


Load the unity game and open the deck builder, build a 15 card deck, and try out practice mode. These features are free. Once you are familiar with the game, you can make much wiser decisions for your own deck list. You could also check out the discord community to figure out which decks are currently strong.


When putting together a deck, it's pretty safe to start off with at least 10 arguments or more. Once you've gained some experience, feel free to customize the ratio of argument-to-RD as you build your strategy around your favorite POTUS. When building a deck, players choose one POTUS. Choosing a POTUS with passive abilities might be easier for new players (Obama, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, and Washington). Note: currently Assuage, Gaslighting, Socratic Questioning, Polk, and Johnson are not available in play, so you may want to avoid those for now.

Collect for P2E

If you trust our judgement, try putting together one of our sample deck lists. Whenever you are ready to own a deck for P2E, head to to collect tactic fragments and buy tactics on the market. There should be whole premade decks for sale on the market, but buying individual fragments and 1 star tactics is cheaper, just time-consuming. You can also batch claim and use the market to trade for the fragments you want.

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