A Gameplay Narrative

Load The Game

Once you have collected enough cards to make a 15 card deck, head over to the PVP arena and match for stakes. !!ALERT *A WILD POTUS APPEARS* ALERT!! Game board loads, the match begins.

The Game Board

Almighty RNG determines player order and starting crowd-state (left side). Players will get 3 total turns per round- but the 3rd turn is a 10 second "POTUS phase", where only POTUS abilities can be used. You click on the coin and see your POTUS abilities, as well as your opponent's coin. You see some cards from your deck in your hand. You can play them in the forum when its your turn.

Player 1 Phase 1

Player 1 gets to set the “tone” of the debate by using arguments to create threads- columns where cards can be played that round. ONLY the 1st player may create threads, unless a card says otherwise. Player 1 plays at least 1 argument and any RD they want.

Note: even though Player 1 gets an advantage by setting the tone, player 2 gets the LAST WORD, so just like in real debates, they can use their closing remarks to claim a petty victory and then hide behind the moderator while you sputter and fume, but don't worry, the roles reverse next round!

Player 2 Phase 1

Player 2 presents counterarguments to “block” player 1’s arguments, and any RD they like. Player 2 must assign at least 1 blocker, but may hold other arguments for blocking later. PASS.

Player 1 Phase 2

Player 1 begins their 2nd phase: "cross-examination". They may play arguments from their hand on any of their threads where the argument has been removed by the 2nd player. Last chance to play RD on threads! PASS.

Player 2 comes in with a cross-examination of their own, and gets a last word on the board state. Play blocking arguments, RD, shwatever. PASS.


Keep in mind, you may activate a POTUS ability on either of your 2 phases by clicking on the POTUS ability button, selecting the ability, and then clicking an appropriate target, but it may be useful to wait until the POTUS phase. Both players get 10 seconds for last minute shenanigans with POTUS abilities, simultaneously.

Round End

As first order of business, the crowd applies a buff or nerf to all arguments. Rhetorical Devices are naturally persuasive, so the crowd shifts based on how many RD are on the board. For instance: if the crowd is currently at 7% Irrational Mob, and there are a total of 3 RD on Bad Faith arguments, and 2 RD on Good Faith arguments, the crowd shifts a net 1% towards the Mob, making it 8%.

Next, add 8% to the base strength of all BF arguments, and subtract 8% from all GF arguments (round to the nearest whole number). Next, add any POTUS alignment buff/nerf and any special ability buff/nerf. Finally, tally up the total strength of each thread and subtract it from the total strength of the opposing side. Any remainder is called “overage” and tramples over the opposing thread to damage its owner's fortitude. After overage is calculated, the total converted costs are tallied up for each player and subtracted from their fortitude bars as well.

Following this, if both players are above zero fortitude, cards go to the graveyard, and another round initiates where players draw up to 5, and player order rotates. Players may overexert themselves and spend costs into negative fortitude, but they will not lose until Round End. When a player reaches zero or below at Round End, the player with the most fortitude wins! End Game lobby: winner takes the stakes!

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