General Strategies

We’ve taken a broad look and have found some general strategies that may be helpful to think about.

The general types are: control decks, power decks, and attrition decks. Some POTUSes, like Polk, naturally have a strong control theme to manipulate the board. Others, like Teddy Roosevelt, Washington, Obama, and even Johnson, want to try to overpower you with either buffed arguments and/or by the sheer number of threads. Others, like Wilson and Bush, want to survive while exhausting your resources (maybe you’ll wear yourself out against their attrition decks!). Some other POTUSes are very versatile and can be played with different themes. Jackson can be played as control/attrition or as a straight power deck. Truman can sit behind adequate defenses and lob weak bombs at you for an attrition approach, or he can pack his deck with heavy hitters, making strong threads and tossing big bombs. The differences in strategy may not be very pronounced at first, but as we release new tactics and POTUSes, the diverse specializations and strategies will become much more apparent. For instance, because Washington doesn't have any innate crowdwork, it's easy to counter his ability (FOR NOW). When we add in more crowdwork tactics later.... well let's just say he's coming. He's coming. He's coming....

Anyway, there's still plenty of magic left for you to discover. Don’t forget to pander to your constituents, corporate lobbies, and special interests. We’ll be rooting for you out there!

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