Q: How do I get started? A: Start claiming card fragments and forge them into tactics. You can also purchase tactics from the market (only available after connecting a wallet). Once you have the 15 cards you want in your deck, game on! Start collecting here! https://www.pixeldebates.com/ Q: What type of game is it- do I need any prior experience? A: PixelDebates is a strategy game similar to TCG like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Hearthstone, with some deck cycling mechanics similar to Dominion. If you play those types of games, you will have an advantage over other types of gamers. However, the rules aren’t terribly complex, and you should be able to adapt after a few practice games. Q: How does the game actually work? A: We have a pretty thorough walkthrough here https://www.pixeldebates.com/gameplay and a video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/zVGaGAMlCoc Basically, players take turns attacking each other with arguments and the stronger positions hurt the opponent's mental fortitude - but so do your own arguments! Whenever a player reaches zero fortitude, the match concludes and the winner takes the lion's share of the staked tokens, just as if you staked an entry fee to a tournament with prizes for first place.

Q: What is $PXL?

page$PXL Token

Q: How do I earn tokens and profit? A: Now that's the big question everyone is asking! Although there are some random components, this is a skill-based game. If you are confident with your skills, perhaps you should stake more tokens. However, certain POTUSes, deck comps, and dice rolls may simply counter your deck on occasion. So it may help to think of the P2E in terms of statistics rather than individual matching. If you are losing often, it may be time to rethink your strategy, and study up on some counterplay. Also, pay attention to the current meta from top players on the debates discord. Q: How much is it chance vs skill? A: Designing a deck and playing it to the best case scenario takes a lot of thought and is probably 90% of the game. However, aspects such as: who you are matched against, the starting player order, deck order, and initial crowdstate are randomized.

Q:Are there any restrictions on how many identical cards you can have in the same deck? A: You may have 1 of each named card per deck.

Q: Are we adding new cards in the future? A: YES! We will be adding new POTUSes and new tactic cards periodically - stay tuned! Also, we apologize in advance, but some of your existing cards may suddenly have abilities or have changed abilities as we strive to balance the game.

Q: What happens if either player drops/lags out during a game? Does a bot take over? A: Currently the dropped player loses, but we are working on a better solution. Q:What about pay-to-play upgraded decks? Will it be fair?

A: There do be whales lurking in the deep! Fear not, we are implementing a rarity-disparity into our matchmaking process, so your matches will be within a fair striking range of your star-level. Also, keep in mind that players who have spent more tokens on upgrading their cards will also likely be playing at higher token stakes, which will attract other players with either upgraded cards or high skill. Little fishes can chill in the low-stakes lagoon. Who knows, you may find the perfect match!

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