Counter-Play Tactics

Adapting to Your Opponent

It's good as a general rule to study the most commonly used POTUSes and deck compositions, as well as their counter-strategies. It's common for a new player to think one POTUS is overpowered until they discover it's counterplay.

SCENARIO: Jackson VS Washington You MUST NOT ALLOW the crowd to go much above zero towards either alignment, so use your RDs to neutralize the crowd by playing them on your BF or GF arguments- the opposite of whatever direction Washington is pushing. Washington has no inherent crowdwork, and lacks an alignment bonus, so keep his crowdstrength down and outduel this dude! Wait until POTUS phase reveals his strongest arguments, and then nerf them with your tokens.

Holding Cards and Timing

If your deck is built around a single combo, it is tempting to hold cards until you have all of the pieces. Sometimes that strategy works out in your favor, while other times, you just miss out on drawing fresh cards. It depends on the situation.

Conservative vs Liberal Tactics

When you are against a POTUS such as Bush or Wilson, it may be useful to make fewer threads on your first turn, and try to use your weaker arguments. These POTUSes can make you suffer greatly from playing a bunch of high cost cards, or going all-in on your first player rounds. As much as it pains you to do so, hold your horses! However, some opponents like to go all-in against you. You may want to do the math since blocking may cost more than just letting some through. Whether you should be the one to go all-in depends on a lot of factors, such as your POTUS and your opponent's playstyle. Perhaps you can bait out their nastier abilities early before switching your playstyle and going all-in later.

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